We are Nassau’s Laundry Valet

All in one Laundry Solution for Everyone!

We provide door to door collection and delivery that
makes it very convenient for our customers It is
important to hire professionals for your ironing service

Load wash laundry service and bulk laundry service is
a very fast and simple way to clean and wash your
heavy and dirty laundry. This service which is very
suitable for commercial and residential where the
laundry materials that are wrinkle free or simply
clothes or linen that do not require ironing service.

We are using heavy duty washer and the load for
normal washing machine simply cannot take the
heavy load of curtains and you may damaged the
motor of your washing machine. require ironing service.

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Let us get you ready for

will deliver your garments perfectly ironed & pressed

{ Uniform Laundry Service }

We can take away that weekend pressure of School and Work uniforms

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